Hi, My name is Ella Booth. Welcome to what once was just another idea in my head!

I first started sewing and designing as a student at Paraparaumu College. I went on to study and graduate from Whitecliffe Fashion Tech at the end of 2020. The idea for E.B.E. came about when I realised that I wanted to have a career in fashion design, but didn’t want to give up riding.

I started riding at the age of 13, although I have been obsessed with horses ever since I was a baby. I got my first job at the age of 16, saved up, and bought my first horse, and I have been riding ever since. When I was studying at Whitecliffe, I made the choice to commute into Wellington every day so that I could keep my horse. After all, I had wanted to have a horse my whole life, and I couldn’t bear to give up that dream come true solely to focus on my career. I had to find a way to make the two things work together...and so E.B.E. was born.

My focus for Ella.Bella.Equestrian is to design and make riding attire that is different and stands out - in a good way! I want you to feel gorgeous and powerful in these garments, knowing that you look absolutely stunning. E.B.E. focuses on the details that make each design eye-catching and original. I want my designs to be seen not only as quality riding attire but also as garments that could walk down the runway and make jaws drop! 

Every garment from from E.B.E is made from scratch - I create each design, draw it up, make the pattern, cut out the fabric and sew it all together. This is why E.B.E is so special, because every garment is handmade with love, just for you.